Warranty policy

Warranty policy:

Last updated: 5/3/2018

Our buyer’s protection program includes a warranty policy, and this warranty

Policy is designed and written in accordance to Saudi Arabia laws.


·         You have always to keep the original packaging of the item to ensure that you benefit from this program, as well as other attachments from the manufacturers, e.g. cables, covers, accessories, serial numbers, invoice, etc.

·         In case it is not mentioned on the item you bought that it had a BRAFCO warranty, the item maybe warranted from authorized company agents, and in this case, it is your responsibility to attempt warranty by yourself please contact BRAFCO support team if you didn’t find any information about the warranty at 920005715.

·         Alshahrani international co. ltd. As an owner of BRAFCO trade mark and as verified commercial agent in Saudi Arabia of (Concord) & (Tecno & Tecnogas) provides a warranty for these products according to Saudi Arabia laws as follows:

o   General warranty of all electrical and electronic for 2 years.

o   Compressors warranty of the air conditioners, freezers and refrigerators for 5 years (excluding installation cost).

o   Motors warranty for the washing machines for 3 years (excluding installation cost).


·         If a defect happens after a period of operation while the machine still under warranty:

  1. For (BRAFCO, Concord, tecno &Tecnogas) products:

o   Contact the maintenance team at BRAFCO.

o   The original receipt must be available, and it is still under warranty period.

o   The small parts may be brought or shipped to maintenance location by the customer.

o   The maintenance team may serve and fix the defect part at your location if a BRAFCO branch available at your city.

o   In case no BRAFCO branch located in the customer city, the customer have to pay for the shipment of his product to the BRAFCO maintenance department.

o   The warranty is governed by the warranty policy.

o   Products submitted to the warranty must not be kept after being maintained for one month maximum. The customer should follow up with the maintenance department. If the period exceed one month the customer doesn’t has the right to request refund or replacement and we are not responsible to any defect or harm to your device as it might be disposed.

  1. Other products:

o   Contact the manufacturer or the commercial agent company who provides warranty for the product.

o will provide you with contact information of the company who provided warranty for your product and will ease the process for you.


Last updated: 5/3/2018