Panasonic Food Processor MK-F500WTZ

Panasonic Food Processor MK-F500WTZ
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Panasonic Food Processor MK-F500WTZ
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  • Model: MK-F500WTZ
  • Weight: 7.80

Brand:                                    Panasonic 

Color:                                     White

Material:                                Plastic

Model Number:                     MK-F500WTZ

Power:                                         1000 Watts

Features:                                    13 in 1 /33+ Function

                                                        High Cutting Performance

                                                        Speed Control High / Low / Pulse

                                                        Bowl Capacity 2.5 L

                                                        Jar Capacity 1.L (Plastic)

                                                        Salad Drainer

Warranty:                                   Warranty 2 years

Shipping Weight:                  5.8 Kg

Country of manufacturing:  Malaysia

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Watt 1000 Watts
Model Number MK-F500WTZ
Brand Panasonic
Material Plastic
Country of Manufacturing Malaysia
Colour White
Measurement Unit
Weight 5.8 Kg
Small Kitchen Appliances
Food Preparation Features 13 in 1 /33+ Function High Cutting Performance Speed Control High / Low / Pulse Bowl Capacity 2.5 L Jar Capacity 1.L (Plastic) Salad Drainer